from ancient to modern, from mystery to otherworldly adventure, I'm fascinated -- and write -- about it all! Welcome to my home on the net!

It's under construction and will be for a while (and by "while" I might mean entire seasons) ... but just think of this as the equivalent of having pizza on moving boxes with wine and candles the first night in a new place: romantic, full of possibilities and in need of work!

The Blog -- I'll be talking about my process in writing, specifically Laws of Migration. 

Historical -- the books from my Chloe and Cheftu time traveling series.

Contemporary -- (coming soon!) the books and links for my Dallas O'Connor fashion mysteries.

Mugs -- because the coffee mug makes the book!

Otherwordly -- hints and bits to what I've got coming next.

PS -- if you download Xxii Arabian One Night Stand everything will be MUCH prettier!

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