Fascinations: the pathway to the story

When I was little, we lived in southern Spain. My parents and their best friends took the ferry to Morocco for a visit. I'll never forget the sight of their return: our pumpkin-colored Datsun, stuffed with four adults and spilling over with stuff.

Baskets, rugs, even a camel saddle, were tied to the roof -- a stack so tall that it was the height of the car again.

I had wanted to go, but had to go to school instead. However, seeing the proofs of their great adventure fanned a fire in me that was already fascinated by and attracted to arabesques, tiles, veils and other accoutrement of the exotic Middle East. 

To put it another way: from childhood on, I've been looking for an excuse to go to Morocco. Elize's birding gave me the reason I needed. I excel at research trips, they seem to mesh well with my obsessive nature and laser-beam intent. 

Which leads back to one of my laws of writing: write what you love. Or perhaps, more accurately, follow your fascinations in your writing.

By adding all my fascinations together I found the premise for my story: woman travels to Morocco in search of an exotic bird ...


From Birds of the Middle East

© J Suzanne Frank 2013