Motivation: Stress, STORY and sticks

In Robert McKee's STORY, one of my favorite books on writing, one of the pivotal questions is: How could the worst thing be the best thing? How could the best thing be the worst? 

What, from a character's point of view (POV) is worth fighting for? 

Lastly, because as in story is as in life: what has that character been RESISTING that has PERSISTED? What wound are they trying to deal with? 

Because I'm fascinated with cause and effect, with how two people can be in the same conversation and have completely different experiences, like how siblings can recall different experiences at the same time, I decided to write about the same time period, but three times, from three characters POVs. All starting the same day, with the same event. Each book would have her heroine, with her specific wounds and desires, and each would face the best thing/worst thing question.

Elize ---> goes to Morocco ---> explores (Laws of Migration)

Zephyr ---> rescues a colleague ---> fights (book three)

Frankie ---> gets the job ---> stands (book two)

What would make it interesting is: Elize built a life around wanting to stay put. Frankie's survival skills are ebbing, flowing and running; and Zephyr is a peacemaker. How, what, could move everyone into action, counter to their nature, their desires? 

I needed a really big metaphorical STICK!

© J Suzanne Frank 2013