Prompts and prods

What I had so far: Elize was nestled at home, friends with two other ornithologists and I needed her to go to Morocco. 

Prompt: In fictional Port Rockton, she studied the white-faced ibis and the glossy ibis. In fact, that part of the Texas is the only place in the nation where the glossy ibis and white-faced share territory. So I knew she appreciated the rare ... and what would be more rare than the Northern Bald Ibis, an endangered bird? A few hundred pairs in the world! 

She's also competitive, an athlete, so "scoring" a NBI would please her too. Behold, the Northern Bald Ibis.

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                                                                  Bald Ibis picture from

Prod: Especially if she felt she'd been put down ... and she had to save face. She had to accomplish something to prove herself. Which brought me back to: How could the worst thing be the best thing?/How could the best thing be the worst thing?

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